Your Political Tax Credit. Use It or Lose It.

A Dollar-for Dollar Credit

The Political Tax Credit is a no-cost way to support the political cause of your choice, allowing you to direct a portion of your tax dollars in a way that YOU choose. It is a credit, not a deduction. You can give up to $100 for joint filers or $50 for individuals to an Oregon political organization and that amount will be credited back to you on tax day. Contributions must be dated no later than December 31st, 2016 to receive the credit on your 2016 Oregon tax return.

Click on the Link a More Detailed: Tax Credit Explanation

Reasons to Support Oregon Family Council PAC:

  • Voter Education-Oregon Family Council distributed approximately 400,000 voter guides to a statewide audience this past election cycle.
  • Support Pro-Family Candidates-This past election cycle OFC supported many pro-life, pro-religious liberty, pro-family candidates who were elected into office. Your political tax credit support was a big part of making this happen.
  • Religious Liberty-We are on the front lines working actively to protect religious freedom for Oregon’s faith community. Whether at the ballot box, the state legislature, or in the court of public opinion our mission is to protect our religious heritage and freedoms.
  • Pro-Life-Throughout the years Oregon Family Council has been on the front lines of pro-life endeavors in Oregon. Part of our mission is to educate people on the Life issue and work towards limiting abortion in Oregon by helping to elect pro-life candidates that will support laws to restrict abortion as narrowly as the law allows.