The Manhattan Declaration: A Historic Movement

On November 20, 2009 The Manhattan Declaration was announced at a press conference in Washington D.C. by some of the leading Christian voices in our country. This historic document was signed by about 150 leading Christian clergy members, ministry leaders, and scholars from around the nation. Years from now, we may look back to this date as the start of a Christian movement that brought the Biblical values we hold dear back to the center of public discourse.

The Manhattan Declaration was drafted out of great concern for our society. Like us, the writers of the Manhattan Declaration found it distressing that the Christian voice in the public discourse is continually battered, that efforts are being taken to redefine marriage, and that the biblical view of the sanctity of life is no longer sacred. It is not a political strategy, but rather a statement of principles that are supported by Christians from many backgrounds and traditions. This is a clear call to action for the Church and serves notice to the secular culture that Christians are united in conviction that the issues of marriage, life, and religious liberty are non-negotiable.

The Manhattan Declaration is more than just a document; it is a movement which is birthed out of deep concern for a nation that is losing touch with its spiritual foundations. Over 450,000 people to date have added their names to the Declaration and more are added daily. Another indicator that the movement is gaining momentum is that over 96,000 people have become Facebook fans of the Manhattan Declaration.

The Manhattan Declaration takes a courageous and unapologetic stand on fundamental values that virtually all Christians agree on; marriage, life and religious liberties. These are values which in recent years have come under frequent attack in every arena of society including legislation, the courts, education, entertainment, medicine and political action. The Manhattan Declaration is one excellent way for Christians to take a stand against this cultural assault and begin redirecting our nation back toward the spiritual and moral roots that allowed for the unprecedented peace, prosperity and goodness we’ve enjoyed for nearly 250 years.

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