Religious Liberty

One of the cornerstones of our society is the freedom to express and practice religious beliefs. From the inception of the United States of America this ideal of religious liberty has been fought for, defended, and preserved with the blood, sweat, and tears of our forefathers.

In today’s culture, the ideal of religious liberty is constantly under attack from a myriad of different sources. At every level of our society there are those who are seeking to remove religious symbols from the public domain, restrict private organizations and citizens from upholding their deeply held religious beliefs, and censure religious thought, speech, and action.

Another area where religious beliefs are being challenged has to do with conscience exceptions.  It is not uncommon for people to have their jobs threatened for honoring their deeply held religious convictions. Examples include pharmacists dispensing abortion related drugs, or private hospitals having their government funding jeopardized for refusing to perform surgical abortions.

Oregon Family Council is devoted to defending, promoting, and expanding the cause of religious liberty in the state of Oregon. Our organization is strongly opposed to any policy that forces people of faith to violate their deeply held beliefs or restricts the free exercise of religion in speech and expression. As a leading religious liberty watchdog group in Oregon over the last 30 years, OFC has played a key role in protecting the rights of Oregon’s faith community.

OFC is fully engaged in the cause of religious liberty through extensive research projects, statewide education initiatives, and public policy efforts.