Education Foundation

Oregon Family Council Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit established in 2003 by Oregon Family Council Inc. OFCEF is governed by a local board of directors with input from a pastor advisory board. OFCEF is involved in various educational activities and research projects in areas affecting family values, policy making, the faith community, pastors, and churches.

OFCEF is in a unique position of partnering with about 1900 Oregon churches. OFCEF is involved with these churches in educating pastors about their rights in the public arena of policy making and voter registration efforts, sponsoring Pastor Days at the state capital, and conducting research projects that aid the faith community in Oregon.

OFCEF is involved with research projects that are driven by the purpose of increasing understanding of the importance of family values, people of faith, and the Church in society. In 2004, OFCEF sponsored an extensive research project across the state of Oregon studying marriage. This in-depth study showed the cultural perspective of marriage in Oregon and the importance of traditional marriage in our society. In addition to this study, OFCEF has also published The Good Neighbor Church in Society Report, The Religious Liberty Report, and most recently, The Church in Government Report. We encourage you to download a copy of these reports on our resources page.

OFCEF is committed to furthering the discussion and educating citizens of Oregon about the intrinsic value of faith, marriage, family, and church in society.