The Good Neighbor Church in Society Survey

In 2009 the OFC Education Foundation sponsored a special research project to help community leaders better understand the positive impact churches have on individuals, families and society. The results are nothing short of remarkable.

All too often the debate surrounding religion in public life centers on issues like allowing a nativity scene on public property or prayer around a public school flagpole. Yet, lost in this discussion is the critical truth that churches make a tremendous contribution to the lives of individuals, families and the greater community.

That’s why the Oregon Family Council Education Foundation sponsored a research project called, The Good Neighbor Church in Society Survey.

The goal of this research project was to help identify the many ways churches contribute to community life. As the pages that follow reveal, virtually every church in Oregon works to build healthier marriages, teach parenting skills and calls on their members to be people of integrity. Most churches provide food, clothing and financial assistance to families in need at the local level, and respond with sacrificial generosity during times of national or international crisis.

A growing number of churches offer recovery programs for those facing everything from addictions, anger, abuse or grief. Churches encourage prayer and respect for elected leaders, police, military and other public servants. They sponsor financial management classes, offer encouragement and guidance to those in prison and provide ESL classes to those not yet fluent in English.

Most importantly, churches help people begin and develop a life-changing relationship with God. And this is especially important because ultimately society is nothing more than a reflection of the individuals who make it up.

While this report contains just the initial phase of this research project, the results demonstrate that thousands of Oregonians, and people across the nation and world regularly benefit from the life-impacting ministry of our state’s local churches.

Very sincerely,
The Oregon Family Council

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