Defending Religious Freedom

Since the founding of America, religious freedom has been a symbol of this great country….

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May 21st Election

It’s time for another election! As you look over your ballot, you will notice that…

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National Day of Prayer

  This Thursday, May 2nd, is the National Day of Prayer. People in every state…

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Double Standard

This week, Oregon Senators unanimously voted to approve Senate Bill 638 which seeks to protect…

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Bills Seeking to Expand Death With Dignity Act

Nearly 25 years ago, Oregonians approved a ballot measure legalizing physician-assisted suicide. After facing legal…

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Dangers of Socialism

Socialism. It is an issue that is currently at the forefront of our political debates….

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Senate Vote on Life

Earlier this week, the US Senate voted on a bill known as the Born-Alive Abortion…

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Will You Pray?

In Oregon and all across the country, legislators are meeting in their state capitol buildings…

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Give Thanks and Pray

Amidst the flurry of preparation and festivities, the Thanksgiving holiday is a time that causes…

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The Importance of One Vote

As Americans, we have been given an incredible privilege: we hold the power to choose…

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