Protect Children and Oppose SB 1540

Originally, SB 1540 was a decent bill to fix a legitimate issue with mandatory reporting….

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Vote No on Measure 101

Measure 101 if passed is a sales tax on health insurance. I’m not kidding. Salem…

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Stop Healthcare Taxes

Signature gathering is under way to refer HB 2391 to the people to vote on…

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HB 3391

HB 3391 is mainly a move by Oregon Democrats against the Trump Administration’s promise to…

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California Churches Under Gross Attack on Religious Liberty

Some of you may not be aware but last year we fought against a bill…

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Take a Moment to be Thankful

It is that time of year again. Leaves that turned to shades of yellow and…

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Come Show Your Support for Judge Vance Day

Judge Vance day is an Oregon Circuit Court judge being vilified for his religious beliefs…

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Call to Action: Oregon Judge Villainized for Faith

Respected Circuit Judge, Vance Day is the subject of a “judicial fitness” investigation that is…

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Defund Planned Parenthood Now!

The videos recently released by the Center for Medical Progress tell a disturbing, but not…

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Beginning The Rehabilitation of Christians

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms,…

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