2021 Legislative Session

The Oregon Capitol Building may be closed to the public, but legislators are still hard at work during the current legislative session. Hundreds of bills have been introduced during the 160-day session that began in January. If passed through the House, Senate, and signed by Governor Brown, these bills will significantly impact our families, schools, communities, paychecks, and freedoms. 


As we are currently witnessing, elections have great consequences. After the November election, Democrats hold a three-fifths majority in the Senate (18-12) and in the House (37-23). This means that Democrats can essentially vote through any of their bills without a single Republican vote. The Republicans, on the other hand, can deny a quorum and stall votes on the floor if they are not present. They have already chosen to use this tactic once this session in order to make a statement to the Governor that schools need to re-open. 


These elected officials are to represent their constituents. That is why it is essential that we participate in the process by contacting our legislators and respectfully communicating our opinions about the bills on which they are voting. With committees meeting virtually, one can also easily submit written testimony on a bill that is scheduled for a public hearing.


Finally, we encourage everyone to pray for our leaders as they serve in their positions of influence. May God impart His wisdom, discernment, and courage to stand for righteousness. 




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