It’s Time to Vote: May 19th Primary Election

This primary election is like none other we’ve previously experienced. With statewide stay-at-home orders in place, local candidates have had to re-think their campaign strategies. The past few months would normally include reaching out to potential voters by hosting events, participating in debates, and knocking on doors. Now all campaign activities are currently limited to online platforms.

Nevertheless, the May 19th primary election is still taking place, and it is essential that we exercise our civic duty to vote!

We understand the crucial importance of making an informed vote when filling out your ballot. For this reason, we have published the Christian Voter’s Guide and distributed it free of charge for 40 years. We have been diligently working to survey and research candidates who are running for office at federal, statewide, county, and local levels.¬† Using this information, the Voter’s Guide shows where candidates stand on various issues including abortion, religious liberties, education, and taxes.

We are happy to announce that the 2020 Primary Election Edition is now available. To request a copy of the Voter’s Guide, fill out the form¬†HERE.


  1. Jerry Johnson says:


    Pro-Life: John 10:10


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