May 21st Election

It’s time for another election! As you look over your ballot, you will notice that candidates are vying for local positions such as school board, community college directors, and water district commissioners. You may even have a city measure to support or oppose.

We encourage you to participate in this election by voting. While the positions listed on your ballot may seem less significant than a state-wide or federal office, these men and women will be making decisions that will influence you, your children, and your neighbors.

Consequently, it is essential that we fill out our ballots and return them by May 21st.

For those living in the Salem-Keizer School Board District, we have endorsed three pro-life, pro-family, and pro-religious liberty candidates who need your support. They include:

  • Zone 2: Marty Heyen
  • Zone 4: Satya Chandragiri
  • Zone 6: Danielle Bethell

Remember that in order for your ballot to count, you must either mail it five days prior to the election or drop it off at an official drop box site.

You can find your closest drop box location here:


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