Double Standard

This week, Oregon Senators unanimously voted to approve Senate Bill 638 which seeks to protect the lives of dogs and cats who are used for laboratory research. Rather than euthanizing these animals after testing has been completed, the bill would require that healthy dogs and cats be placed for adoption. As Sen. Steiner Hayward, the sponsor of this legislation states, “‘These animals should have a chance to live a normal, healthy life with a loving family.’”1


We agree that life is valuable and should be protected. For this reason, we believe the principle that is applied to saving dogs and cats should also remain true when it comes to a life in a mother’s womb.


If legislators are fighting to give cats and dogs the right to live a full life, then why are they not doing the same for voiceless and vulnerable human lives? Statistics show that less than 50 dogs and cats were likely affected in 2017 from scientific research in our state.2  However, over 8,000 lives were terminated through abortion in Oregon that same year.3  Clearly, a double standard exists in Salem.


According to Oregon Humane Society President Sharon Harmon, “‘This bill would open the door to partnerships that could save thousands of lives and enrich the lives of those who take them in.”’4  Imagine how many thousands of lives would be saved if our legislators fought to protect the unborn too.


Contact your legislators today and remind them that all lives are worth protecting. You can find your legislators and their contact information here.



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  1. sheila mcgrath says:

    This has gone too far! I am a dog owner and I Love my pets. But you want to put animal lives above unborn children and the elderly or terminally ill.You will answer for this in this world or the next. When Oregon stops this nonsense, I will gladly vote for all animals lives.Please!


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