Vote No on Measure 101

Measure 101 if passed is a sales tax on health insurance. I’m not kidding. Salem is trying to TAX your health insurance.

The cost of health care is already spiraling out of control. In fact, for many families their monthly health care costs are second only to their housing expense. Over the past 15 years, health care has risen faster than the rate of inflation or employee wages. And now our elected representatives are adding to the expense with a sales tax.

And in typical Salem fashion, the tax only applies to individual plans, businesses under 50 employees, schools, colleges, public employees (because those are paid by our taxes). Even Medicaid expenses are subject to the sales tax which punishes low income seniors.

Who’s NOT paying the health insurance sales tax? Unions, large corporations and insurance companies.

We encourage a No vote on Measure 101.


  1. LS says:

    Thank you soooo much for having information that helps us know about these issues!!!

  2. Cheryl Kinney says:

    Are you kidding? A sales tax on health insurance?!


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