HB 3391

HB 3391 is mainly a move by Oregon Democrats against the Trump Administration’s promise to replace the Affordable Care Act. The bill seeks to ensure that health insurance plans in Oregon will be required to cover reproductive health services. Of course abortion is included in this mandate. The fact that Oregon has the most liberal abortion laws in the country, allowing abortion up until birth, makes this move by the democratic controlled Oregon Legislature no surprise. Abortion is not something that should be required on all insurance plans.

While in Oregon currently all insurance companies offer abortion coverage, the law requiring the coverage would make it so that if an insurance company did not want to offer the coverage for purposes of conscience they could not do so. While there is a religious exception for the insurance companies to sell plans without abortion to churches it is entirely up to the company to have a separate and unique plan for these organizations.  The definition of religious employer is also very narrow, Christian owned businesses would not be able to offer plans that did not cover abortion.

This bill is another attempted assault on the life of the unborn. We urge you to vigorously oppose this bill. Contact your Representative and tell them to vote no on HB 3391.

Don’t know who your local rep is? Use the link below to find out.


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