How Religious Freedom is Being Threatened


With Stories like Sweet Cakes by Melissa and Arlene’s Flowers in the news so close to home I am sure many of you have heard how religious freedom in America is under attack.  But it isn’t just happening here in Oregon and Washington.  Religious freedom is under attack across the country, it is a serious issue that even a few years ago would not have been considered.  Here are just a few of the recent examples of how Freedom of Religion is being attacked in America.

Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran in Atlanta was first put on suspension by the Mayor and then fired. His crime, contributing his writing to a devotional that referred to homosexuality as a sin.  The Mayor felt his religious beliefs were causing Cochran to discriminate, though there was actually no evidence that Cochran had ever used his position as chief to treat homosexuals any differently than heterosexuals.

A US Marine was given a bad conduct discharge for refusing to remove a bible verse from her desk.  What bible verse could cause so much controversy? The phrase displayed on her desk was “No weapon formed against me shall prosper” a shortened version of Isaiah 54:17. How ironic that the passage continues: “and every tongue that accuses you in judgment you will condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their vindication is from Me,” declares the Lord.

There was also an Air Force Cadet who was told he could not display Bible verses on his personal white board.

A military chaplain will now potentially loose his career because when asked about homosexuality he shared his biblical based beliefs.  Not to mention that military chaplains across the board are told they can’t pray to Jesus or God.

A Jewish student was running for student government at UCLA and was denied due to the fact that others believed she lacked the ability to remain unbiased because of her ties to the Jewish community. (Also read Here)

A family of pharmacists faced a challenge because of their refusal to sell abortion drugs in their family owned store.  Even though they won the court battle they are still forced to pay the legal bills of the abortion activists who took them there.

There are similar instances where doctors are being forced to participate or encourage abortion against their conscience. Here and Here

A Professor failed a student because she would not denounce her faith in assigned essays for his class.

College campuses are calling Christian campus groups “discriminatory” for not allowing non-Christian leaders in the groups.  Campuses are shutting down Christian groups based on the claim that they discriminate and go against school policy. Read Here and Here

Masterpiece Cake is another bakery who faced charges when they declined baking a cake for a same sex wedding.

Rice Creek Hunting and Recreation Inc. faced a legal battle when they said they didn’t want to host a same-sex commitment ceremony on their property.

111 Cakery also faced mounting criticism for not providing services to a gay wedding.

Elane Photography LLC was a photography business owned by Elaine Huguenin that is now out of business because they only wanted to photograph traditional weddings, not same sex ceremonies.

The Giffords- Liberty Ridge Farm was a family owned farm who hosted wedding ceremonies.  That is until a lesbian couple sued them for not wanting to host their same sex wedding. The couple was bullied into now only allowing the receptions of weddings (not the ceremony) for both heterosexual and homosexual couples on their property.

And who could forget Memories Pizza… no pun intended… who simply stated they did not believe in same sex marriage and supported the Indiana RFRA.  Their business was vandalized by LGBTQ supporters.

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