What Will You do for Life?

The recent passage of HR 36 in Congress, The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, has been a major victory for the Pro-Life movement.  This passage reflects heavily on the fact that most Americans say they are against abortion after 20 weeks.  One study found that even Americans identifying as pro-choice believe there still needs to be heavy restrictions on abortion. 84% of Americas want significant restrictions on abortion, 69% of pro-choice people believe there should be restrictions as well.  (Marist Poll)

States have also been taking initiative and passing their own legislation to protect the tiniest and most vulnerable humans.

Most recently the Louisiana House voted to ban sex selective abortions, and if the bill is successful Louisiana would become the 9th state to prohibit sex-selective abortion alongside Illinois, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas and North Carolina.

To name a few more:

  • Kansas has banned dismemberment abortions.
  • Oklahoma banned dismemberment abortions.
  • Several states are banning web-cam abortions.
  • West Virginia passed 20 week abortion ban.
  • Ohio House voted to ban Abortions after the first heart beat!! This bill would make Ohio the most restrictive state for abortions.
  • Kentucky has been working to pass laws requiring ultra sounds before abortion, and signed informed consent forms.
  • South Carolina is working to pass its own 20 week abortion ban.
  • Nevada has also just opened up to reviewing a bill to require parental notification 48 hours before preforming an abortion on a minor.

According to this article as of January 2015 states have enacted 231 abortion restrictions since 2011, and are continuing the trend.  However, Oregon is not joining in on this trend, and actually seems to be moving in the opposite direction.  Instead of pro-life legislation there seems to be a heavy force trying to make abortion more available and more affordable in Oregon.

This site lists active Pro-Life legislation occurring nationwide at the state level.

Oregon has NO abortion restrictions and protects the “right” to abortion in its constitution.   And if you think that your tax dollars are not funding abortion in Oregon, think again because “medically necessary” abortions for women on state medical assistance are covered by tax dollars.  SCOTUS vaguely outlines what is a health reason for abortion, therefore taxpayers in Oregon are practically funding abortion on demand for women on Medicare, Medicaid or who receive a tax stipend through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

You can check to see if your plan covers elective abortions here.

Oregon is currently one of the least restrictive states for abortion.  Looking at the recent federal and state legislation we can find hope for the pro-life movement.  Pro-Lifers are gaining traction and getting these issues out in the open, but there is still a lot of work to do. Individuals do hold the power to make a difference, whether it be by simply making a phone call to your local legislator or taking greater action.  You can use resources like this blog, our Facebook page or websites like this and others to watch for legislation currently affecting Pro-Life issues.  We must not give up on this issue and keep fighting for the innocent lives. It is important to pay attention to the legislation and be involved in stopping the pro-abortion bills and pushing for more pro-life laws.  Being ignorant of an issue does not give blamelessness in the end, and as Christians we must stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves.

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