Assault on Parental Rights

HB 2758 is a proposed bill that will allow for minors to receive medical procedures, even abortions, paid for by their parents’ health care coverage without the parents’ consent or knowledge.  This bill would require that the policy holder (parent) would be financially responsible for all costs, yet the parent would have no knowledge of the medical procedure performed on their child at their child’s request.

This bill is a direct assault on parental rights and opens the door for children to be taken advantage of in serious ways by those that don’t have the child’s best interests in mind.

It is of high importance that the legislators be made aware that the public greatly opposes this bill.  Contact your State Representative today! The link below will tell you who your Representative is and provide their contact info.

For more information on the bill use the link below:

Please take the time to contact your House Representative today and let them know: You Oppose House Bill 2758

Update: HB 2758 has passed the House 34-25 and is now moved to the Senate. Contact your Senator to STOP HB 2758

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