Supreme Court Decision Press Release


Oregon Family Council Reacts to Supreme Court Decision

PORTLAND, Oregon, June 26, 2013– Historically, the government’s interest in recognizing marriage was to help assure that children were raised in a stable family by a mother and father. In virtually every way that can be measured, children raised by their married mother and father fare better than those raised in other family arrangements.

The Court’s decision to strike down DOMA, sends a wrong message in our opinion. That message is that marriage is less about what’s best for children — which in general is having them raised by their married mothers and fathers – and more about the interests of romantically involved adults.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is that each state still has the opportunity to thoughtfully debate the purpose and definition of marriage. Oregonians did that in 2004 when they placed a clear definition in the state Constitution defining marriage as one man and one woman.

“The rulings today leave in place the marriage amendments adopted by 30 states,” said Teresa Harke, spokesperson for Oregon Family Council. “The definition of marriage enshrined by the citizens of Oregon through the passage of Measure 36 is still intact. The Supreme Court found no constitutional right to redefine marriage.”

It appears Oregonians will have another chance to continue this discussion in 2014.

In the course of this ongoing conversation the one issue that deserves our greatest attention is that the institution of marriage itself needs our help. Too many of the foundation stones in society which once supported marriage have now fragmented. Chief among these would be the ease of divorce and the many public policies that unintentionally penalize marriage, by rewarding not being married.

Marriage could be further strengthened by making couples aware of the growing marriage resources available through churches, non-profits and community organizations.

Supporting marriage, family and our cherished religious liberties are the mission of Oregon Family Council and its 30,000 supporters and 2,000 participating churches. We believe this is a mission all Oregonians can support, regardless of their feelings about today’s High Court decisions.

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