Date Nights: Relationship Satisfaction and Survival

Couples throughout the Portland/Vancouver Metro area have answered the Date Night Challenge—and made time for four dates in four weeks during August. Date Night PDX is coming to an end but that is no reason not to continue to incorporate a regular date night into your marriage or other relationship. Studies show this can lead to deeper satisfaction, and maybe even to relationship survival.

A recent study by the National Marriage Project found that couples who enjoyed “couple time” at least once a week were more than three times as likely to report their communication satisfaction as “above average,” when compared to those who have couple time less often. That’s three times the likelihood that couples are talking about important issues, sharing their needs and desires, deepening intimacy, strengthening as a team.

Couples who guarded their weekly couple time were also 2.5 times as likely to report their commitment to each other as “above average.” Committed couples feel safer with each other and go into the world with a strong sense of support from home.

Of special interest to some is the fact that such couples were also at least 3.3 times as likely to report their sexual satisfaction as “above average” (wives were more than 3.5 times as likely to say so). Enough said?

And on a more sobering note, in a five-year National Survey of Families and Households, of couples who initially reported “rarely” having couple time, 21 percent were divorced five years later. For couples who reported couple time “almost every day,” the five-year divorce figures were markedly lower—14 percent for wives and only 10 percent for husbands.

Make time for your relationship—just the two of you. The payoff is huge!

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For the complete report, “The Date Night Opportunity,” from the National Marriage Project can be found here

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