Introducing Date Night PDX 2012

Oregon Family Council is pleased to be one of many sponsors of Date Night PDX 2012. Please enjoy the following introduction and consider joining in:

Date Night PDX wants to know…when was your last date? How you answer that question will speak volumes about your most important relationship. You see, good relationships don’t just happen. They require regular investments of couple time. That’s why, during the month of August 2012, Portland/Vancouver Metro area sponsors are challenging couples to go on four dates in four weeks. That’s the Date Night Challenge.

Research reveals that over ninety percent of couples who have taken the Date Night Challenge in other cities increased their relationship satisfaction. Why? People are so busy with work and their social networks they don’t have time for the relationships that matter the most. When couples carve out time in their busy schedules to hang with each other, it makes a difference in their enjoyment of the relationship.

Dates don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. They just need to include undistracted time together, including time to ask questions and interact. Keep watching for more information and ideas.

Central to Date Night PDX is the free phone app, which includes ideas for dates, date night deals with local merchants, and “Stuff to Talk About.” This latter section will include fun, relationship-building games.

The mission of Date Night PDX is to help couples use dating as a platform for improving communication. The games on Date Night’s phone app are one of the most effective tools for fulfilling this mission. Couples who play the games are likely to realize afterward that they’ve just had one of their best conversations in a long time. Sponsors hope participants will share the app with friends and that word of mouth will spread the impact of Date Night PDX. Thousands of couples across the Portland/Vancouver Metro area will have a chance to rediscover the best in each other.

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