Eeny Meeny Miny …BOY!

163 Million girls have been aborted due to parents who want sons rather than daughters.

“Better 500 dollars now rather than spending 30,000 dollars on a wedding later.” This sentence is a mock ad for, believe it or not, a pregnancy clinic. Although the original ad from a clinic in India read “better 500 rupees now than 5,000 later” (referring to the cost of a sex test compared to a dowry) the sales gimmick is encouraging parents to seriously-consider whether or not to keep their female children, hence the need for the sex test. This may seem farfetched even for most pro-choice advocates but the severity of the epidemic is causing an extinction of the female gender in many countries such as China, India, Korea and, yes, the USA. What are the effects exactly? Just from sex-selection alone, 163 million female babies have been aborted. I repeat just from deciding to choose a boy over a girl, 163 million female children have been killed. This does not include any unplanned pregnancies or examples of rape or incest but two parents wanting children but just finding out that as luck would have it not the right gender came along.

Aside from the fact that these are precious lives that have been taken let’s look at the detrimental effects that sex-selection has had on society. Jonathon Last with the Wall Street Journal investigated a book entitled “Unnatural Selection” by Ms. Hvistendahl which addresses the issue. The first result that he addresses is the staggering increase in the ratio of boys to girls. The natural gender ratio range averages that there are 104 boys for every 106 girls. But sex-selection has drastically changed the ratio in many countries. For example, in China the number has shifted to 121 boys to every 100 girls and in some Chinese cities it is as high as 150 to every 100 girls. Last also uses Korea as an example explaining that its birth gender ratio for a first born was normal but would become imbalanced for a woman’s second and third pregnancies. With second born children the number of boys increased to 113 to every 100 girls and 185 to every 100 girls for a third born.

Although boys are much more desired in these countries the need for woman in society does not change. First of all, many of these men will not be able to marry because there are simply not enough women for each man. This increases the value on women causing men to bid or buy a bride. Also men search for women in poorer countries, which is how the “mail-order bride” market comes into play. This also creates a steady market for prostitution and sex-trafficking. It is not uncommon for a woman to be stolen or sold for sex or for marriage.

These statistics are both frightening and hazardous to a society, but it makes one think where does the abortion movement draw the line? There are many other examples of how the pro-choice movement gets more and more selective. It no longer depicts a woman’s choice to not have a child in the event of an unplanned pregnancy but that a woman should no longer feel pressured to have a child if that specific child does not meet her desired requirements. One example is the increased amount of abortions on Down syndrome babies. In fact, Life Site News recently reported that in France 96% of Down syndrome babies are aborted each year. But perhaps the most shocking example of a woman’s choice is a quote Last uses in his article from an abortion doctor who gets this request regularly, “I want to abort because if this baby is born it will be a Gemini, but I want a Libra”.

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