The Campaign to Protect Students from God

Attacks against religious liberties are present today and recently have taken place at the expense of public school students. One recent incident resulted in a law suit against a New York school district that restrained students from having a Christian club added to the list of extracurricular activities at the school.

The club, which is more formally referred to as Frontline Club, is a way for students to discuss Christianity and participate in worship, reading the Bible, and doing community service work. The decision to deny the students’ request was made by Principle Brijinder Singh. Her rationale against the proposal was she didn’t think that it would be fair to have a club that was devoted directly to Christianity. The only loophole around allowing a religious club would require it to be multi-religious and that non-believers become allowed to be leaders. Anyone who understands the sanctity of Christianity would know that having a non-Christian leading the club would defeat the purpose of holding the club at all. Principle Singh also debated that her reasoning was due to cost, and that the school just could not afford it. The students’ attorney argued that with a 117 million dollar budget, that includes funding for a ping pong club, the school should be able to fund the Christian club as well. Regardless of Singh’s reasoning her arguments went out the window with this statement, “Other schools may have a Christian club, but I don’t want this in my school”.

The attack on religious freedom continues in Tennessee where the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) recently filed a law suit against a Tennessee school system for practicing religious activities within the school. The activities involved, praying for speakers, holding graduation ceremonies inside local churches, and allowing pastors to come and speak on campus. Most people perceive these activities as wholesome and healthy exposure for students.

Here’s the rub. Public schools around the nation allow activities to take place that involve a variety of religious and political views. These range anywhere from LGBT based clubs, democratic and republican clubs, Muslim and Hindu clubs, and even communist clubs. With a belief that is shared by millions of Americans, and is the foundation of our American heritage, these efforts are clearly a deliberate attack against Christianity and religion. Separation of church and state was designed to protect churches from interference by government and political agencies, now it is doing just the opposite and is working towards taking the freedom of religion out of the state completely.

The big concern seems to be clubs that are expressly Christian. It’s a trend that started in the 1960s when classroom prayer or reading from the Bible was banned. By 1980 even posting the 10 commandments was ruled unconstitutional. Today, in some school districts, practices as innocuous as praying by a flag pole, wearing a “Jesus Loves you” T shirt or dancing to Christian music in a competition can lead to suspension. According to standardized testing comparing US High school students to 57 other developed countries, US Students ranked in the bottom third in math, science and problem solving. It appears that ACLU would have ranked near the bottom when it comes to spiritual understanding too.

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