A New Assault on Religious Freedom? Maybe.

Beginning late last year, key figures in the Obama administration, including Hillary Clinton and the President himself, have consistently used the phrase “freedom to worship” when making references to “freedom of religion”. Some call it semantics, but others including, Christianity Today, The National Catholic Register and Chuck Colson believe it signals a deliberate assault on our 1st Amendment rights of religious expression.

As an organization dedicated to defending religious liberties, we recognize that religious expression is not limited to private devotions or one hour on Sunday morning. Freedom of religion includes the right to educate our children in private Christian schools or at home if we choose … the right for doctors to choose not to perform abortions … the right of religious institutions to include faith and lifestyle standards for their employees … and the right to freely challenge public policy decisions like same-sex marriage.

By the way, these are all examples of religious liberty issues that OFC has defended in the recent past here in Oregon.

Follow the two links below to learn more about what appears to be a concerted effort to minimize the extend of our first amendment right to religious freedom. Or talk to us, we welcome your comments.

Christianity Today

National Catholic Register

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