Divorce Rates Going Down … Way Down

Whether listening to talk radio, reading the tabloids or even occasionally from a Sunday morning pulpit, the conventional wisdom is that approximately 50% of marriages end in divorce. This statistic has been so deeply ingrained into our minds and culture that it affects the way people think about marriage, talk about marriage, and even enter into marriage.

How disheartening it is to believe that the most intimate and foundational of all human relationships is also so fragile.

But host of scientific relationship research cast a much more positive light on the health of marriage in the United States. To begin, these studies reveal that the “50% of marriages end in divorce” mantra is a total myth.

The truth is, the rate of divorce peaked at approximately 47% for couples married in the 1970’s, which proved to be a very turbulent decade for marriage. But since that decade, the rate of divorce has been on a steady and encouraging decline. For a more in-depth look at the data, click on the link: Marriage Data

When you remove “serial divorcees” from the equation, the divorce rates are even lower. Another encouraging statistic studies like this reveal is that once a marriage reaches the 10 year milestone, it’s chance of lasting a lifetime increases significantly.

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